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The Myth’s about Fats and Cholesterol

According to the United States Department of Agriculture low-fat and fat-free alternatives are healthier than whole fat. They suggest to prepare foods with canola oil instead of solid fats (beef, … Continue reading

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Awesome photographer dresses daughter as REAL inspirational women of the past.

Jaime Moore is a professional photographer from Austin Texas and specializes in weddings, family, couples and children. In May she posted some awesome pictures of her daughter Emma as REAL … Continue reading

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Fluoride Could Destroy Americans

Originally posted on Global Elite TV | Alternative Media:
Can fluoride have a long-term negative effect in the U.S.? Watch what Dr. David Kennedy says about the potential damage to Americans…

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Laughing = 15/30 min Workout!

Laughing = 15/30 min Workout!   Love this! Check out this awesome article & study on Laughing…I would much rather sit down and watch a comedy than go to the … Continue reading

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What makes you beautiful?

Q:What makes you beautiful? A: Your heart! Let’s help change the next generations view on beauty! Check out this website to see what movie stars, models, actresses look like (Natural … Continue reading

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10 Home Remedies for Your Skin

10 Home Remedies for Beautiful Skin (Click here for full article) The unfortunate truth is your skin needs cannot all be addressed with a single ingredient or product and those skin … Continue reading

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Do You Know What is in your Multi-Vitamin? Dr. Joseph Mercola, New York Times best-selling author and founder of, discusses the importance of knowing the ingredients of your multivitamin and how it is made.

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