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School Regimagined

I created this page to provide support and create awareness about Homeschooling. Provide a resource page for families who are already homeschooling and/or are interested in homeschooling. I would also like to start a community here in West Los Angeles.



Hippie Mom in Conservative Clothing

Anyone else out there feel like the odd mom out? Or dad? Well that’s me! I have two sons, a 5 year old and a 1 year old. We are on an AP/Unschooling journey.

Here are a few things I strongly disagree with: Cry it Out, The Public School System, Gov. Coerced Vaccinations, Routine Infant Circumcision, Spankings and Time Outs.

What things am I for? Well, I’ll tell ya : Baby Wearing, Co-Sleeping, Breastfeeding, Homeschooling/Unschooling, Green Organic All Natural Living, Nature, Letting Children Play, Baby Led Weaning. And there’s more. So much more.

Basically, I feel this information needs to get out there. We too often just do what we are told. Both my sons are circumcised and mostly vaccinated. I struggled with breastfeeding and gave up too soon. But, oh man, if I could go back in time with the knowledge I have now I would do things differently. And I just can’t and won’t stay quiet about it anymore.



Let The Children Play!

Mission   Did you know that children are spending less time in unstructured play – especially outdoors and in natural settings – than at any other time in history?
Meanwhile, there is the pressure to formalise and structure early childhood programs, despite the fact that everything we know about how children learn and develop tells us that it is through PLAY.
Let the Children Play celebrates the importance of play in the lives and education of our children by sharing my own experiences in a play-based preschool and providing inspiration, tips and information to help parents and teachers alike put the play back into childhood.

The Homeschool Lounge

The Homeschool Lounge is the web’s premier location for Homeschool Moms to connect for support, encouragement, fellowship and fun.

The Homeschool Lounge (THL) is the fastest growing Homeschool community on the net today, showing great promise and a firm foundation for longevity. THL is a FREE network with a menagerie of resources. Members can build their own space, start or join a group or discussion, chat, upload lessons plans, unit studies, pictures, videos and more. The THL community is vibrant and diverse, yet unified in a passion and commitment to home educate.



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