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Holistic Squid


**Emily’s Book The Eczema Cure helped me get through my daughter’s eczema as I fought doctor’s traditional prescriptions. I dedicate this Page to Emily for all the great work she is doing to empower us to take charge of our health. Check out her website!

Holistic Squid

Meet Emily:

In my clinical practice, I use acupuncture, herbal medicine, nutrition, and lots of listening.

I specialize in fertility and pregnancy – but I treat families for all sorts of conditions, and I like to imagine it’s much like my dad’s small town medical practice was decades ago. But my version is in Los Angeles.

At home in my kitchen, I’m a bit obsessed with real, traditional food, and can be often seen hanging cheese from a giant ceiling hook or stirring a soup pot full of bones. Sound weird?  I like to make enchiladas and chocolate chip cookies too.

And whenever I can, I hop in the ocean.

This blog is a culmination of professional and personal experience, and my insatiable passion for learning.

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