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Cure Tooth Decay


Why hasn’t any dentist told me the real cause of tooth decay?

“I write to you now five years later. I no longer have any more tooth sensitivity. My teeth are firm and resilient, and I feel better and stronger by the day. My daughter’s teeth are now hard and resilient. Her teeth no longer chip, she has abundant energy, and she is tooth pain and tooth infection free. She is now 7 years old and has never required a dental treatment even though many of her teeth originally had at least one, sometimes two cavities. Her teeth no longer hurt her because her cavities remineralized naturally after we changed her diet. I am happy to say her decayed baby teeth are starting to fall out! In place are new healthy adult teeth, free from tooth decay.”- Cure Tooth Decay

A clear explanation of the cause of tooth decay was given by Dr. Albert Schatz in 1972. Dr. Schatz believed that our teeth used minerals in a similar way the rest of our body does. That it utilizes a system of enzymes and chelating minerals. This theory is called the proteolysis-chelation theory. In Dr. Schatz’s proteolysis-chelation theory, it is diet, trace elements, and hormonal balance that are key factors in triggering enzymes and tooth mineral chelation which results in tooth decay.


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