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My 30th Birthday wish: HOPE Worldwide & Clean Water for children!


I’m turning 30 on November 10th! I can’t think of a better way to celebrate my birthday than by giving the gift of clean water and HOPE to people in need. Please join me. I’m asking all my friends and family to donate to charity: water or to HOPE Worldwide International Day of Giving.
Go to my charity:water campaign to donate:
A non-profit organization on a mission to bring clean and safe drinking water to every person on the planet.
Help me raise my goal for HOPE Worldwide here:
HOPE is fighting the HIV/AIDS pandemic and its consequences in Africa and around the world, building a new health care system in Cambodia, providing homes and jobs for leprosy patients and their families ostracized in India, and increasing literacy rates in underperforming U.S. schools.
Here are some pictures of my HOPE World wide Youth Corp trip to Romania in 2001. HOPE Worldwide sponsored a group of us to fly out to Romania to serve and encourage orphans and to help meet the needs of children and families living on the streets. Birthdays are perfect days to reflect on our blessings and to think of others who are in need. Let’s make a difference!
little boy
HOPE Youth Corp 2001 ROMANIA We built a basketball court for the orphanage — in Bucuresti, Romania.

HOPE Youth Corp 2001 ROMANIA
We built a basketball court for the orphanage — in Bucuresti, Romania.

“Imagine if New York City’s taps went dry. What would we do? Jennifer Connelly walks to Central Park to get dirty water for her family as millions of mothers in Africa do every day.”Watch videos here:


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