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The UNPLUG challenge

This weekend I misplaced my cell phone and later realized I left it with my in-laws. I was excited that I didn’t loose it but it was tough not being able to communicate through my phone. I still had a computer at home I could use to email and facebook but there was something different about not being able to call or receive calls. After half a day without my phone I noticed I actually enjoyed the freedom…


unknown source

How did we ever survive during the pay phone days?

I actually do know a few people with home phones and it also got me thinking about having one installed for emergency situations.

I think I will start unplugging once a week after I can get a home phone installed …

Also, do you answer your phone every time it rings when you are in a conversation with someone or do you wait?

What about texting? Do you text during your conversations etc?

Challenge: Unplug for 24 hours and write about your experience and share with others.



One comment on “The UNPLUG challenge

  1. Christina Mendoza
    October 23, 2013

    I am notoriously horrible at taking phone calls. I prefer a quick text that gets to the point and then I can choose a time when the boys are immersed into an activity to respond. I also want to get a land line for the emergency aspect but I enjoy not being at the hands of the caller… Texting however… I will read them when they come in but don’t always respond right away. I love the idea of unplugging for a day! I feel as if I have been needing that recently so this is the perfect challenge! I’m in! Thanks Priscilla!

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