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Current law in California does not require Kindergarten

1170699_1413481565529869_482244182_n For families who are able to homeschool this also means you are not required to report your Private School Affidavit until the youngest is 6 years old. Since my son doesn’t turn 6 until Jan 2015 that means I have two more years without having to report/file paperwork.

Check out article….

Required School Enrollment Age Confusion:
“These changes are all a result of the passage of SB 1381 in 2010, a bill we strongly supported and were excited to see pass. The net positive effect of this new law is to allow more time for a child enrolled in a campus-based school to be developing in the care of loving parents at home before being required to begin their formal education. Research shows that the older a child is before formal education begins, the better the child is likely to do long-term, throughout their formal education. Research also has shown that short-term gains from earlier entrance into formal education are lost in three years.”

Institutionalized Early Childhood Education and Development Background and Issues



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