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The Myth’s about Fats and Cholesterol

According to the United States Department of Agriculture low-fat and fat-free alternatives are healthier than whole fat. They suggest to prepare foods with canola oil instead of solid fats (beef, pork and chicken fat). If you are familiar with Genetically Modified foods (GMO) you may know that at least 90% of canola oil is genetically modified. They also recommend to replace whole fat yogurt, milk and cheeses with low fat or fat free alternatives.

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Did you know that fat and cholesterol is actually healthy for you and plays an essential role in your diet?

Here is a great site and quote from Harvard School of Public Health explaining The Myth’s of Fats & Cholesterol.

“Eat a low-fat, low-cholesterol diet” was the mantra for healthful eating for decades. Touted as a way to lose weight and prevent or control heart disease and other chronic conditions, millions of people have followed (or, more likely, tried to follow) this advice. Seeing a tremendous marketing opportunity, food companies re-engineered thousands of foods to be lower in fat or fat free, often increasing the salt, sugar, or refined grains in these foods to make up for lost flavor and texture. Well it’s time to end the low-fat myth.”

Organic vegetables and fruits, organic grass-fed meat and poultry, raw nuts, and properly prepared sprouted and soaked legumes and grains – are what I believe to be the best that “Nature” has to offer.

Nature created “whole fat” – not low fat, skim, 1% etc.

I also just finished reading a study about the flawed science in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey that has been funded by the Center for Disease Control the last 40 years.

Read Abstract by Jeff Stensland here:

“The nation’s major surveillance tool for studying the relationships between nutrition and health is not valid. It is time to stop spending tens of millions of health research dollars collecting invalid data and find more accurate measures,” -study lead by Arnold School

See full study here:


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