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What makes you beautiful?

Q:What makes you beautiful?
A: Your heart!

Let’s help change the next generations view on beauty!

Check out this website to see what movie stars, models, actresses look like (Natural beauty) without makeup …I’m aware that these photos may not be the most flattering but I’m sharing to remind us that under all the makeup and photoshop photos – these stars are women just like you and I..


*We are such visual people and our definition of beauty can be easily influenced by the media. I want us to be REAL – Question your view of beauty!

Some women wake up each morning disappointed with what they see in the mirror…Why is that? Is it influenced by media, family, friends etc?

Media is all about what the consumer and viewer want, right? So what if we as the consumer and viewer changed our views on beauty? What if we said natural is best!

I love how recently some actresses have embraced the ‘natural look’ in movies: Here Mariah Carey played a role in The Butler…I loved seeing her without makeup! She is beautiful..she is Real!

*How do we stop this crazy cycle – generation after generation…what will beauty look like in 20years?

We blame media for influencing our children but what are “we” doing to influence their view on beauty?.

We tell our daughters that beauty is from within but then we turn around and let society influence how we view ourselves…

Children are very observant – they watch you dye your hair, pluck your eyebrows, paint your face, hear you talk about your weight, etc…

Watching Mommy

Here is a list of things I can think of that women do to make themselves “beautiful”:

-Dye their hair

-Paint their nails

-Color their lips

-Darken their eye lashes

-Change their complexion

-Add color to their eye lids

-Shave/Wax/Thread their legs, under arms, eyebrows, arms, face, etc…

*Society sells being “sexy” as beautiful:

-Wear high heels to show off your legs

-Wear revealing clothing (show off your breast, stomach, legs, etc)

-Wear tight clothes so others can notice your figure etc..

-Wear Corsets/Girdles to slim your body shape etc…


*Body Image will most likely be my next blog….

Here is a great video clip of Taryn Brumfitt found of ‘Body Image Movement’ ….an inspiration to many…calls women to embrace their bodies…

Join the Body Image Movement:


Please view this blog not as criticism but instead as a thinking tool….I just want men and women to question beauty….

What makes a person beautiful? How have you been influenced? Can you re-train your eyes – I think so!

*Let the heart define beauty…

I thought it would be fun to ask women to post profile pictures of themselves with no make-up to create awareness of “true beauty” ….should be fun!

Love to hear your comments…



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